Getting your first writing gig - how to build up a writing portfolio

Paul, a fourth year honors BA student in Philosophy at UBC, asked me how to build up a writing portfolio to get his writing career train chugging.

I whole-heartedly recommended Hubpages.

There has never been a better time to be starting out on a writing career. Sites like Hubpages give you all the digital tools and portfolio space for free. You can even earn a bit of change if your articles are popular. Take these free tools and build your ladder to a writing career. It's a long, but rewarding journey.

A few years ago many people started out on a long mostly unpaid apprenticeship writing short news blurbs or articles for the local community or university newspapers. A lot of unpaid work to build up a file folder of clippings with your byline. Today starting your portfolio is a few clicks away.

Hubpages writing gives you the freedom to write when you want without deadlines. You're free to write about your passions rather than your editors agenda. Plus your articles doesn't appear in one issue and then disappear into the dumpster. You can tweak, tune and update your storiesĀ  With the features on Hubpages you're not alone but part of a supportive community all wanting you to succeed.

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damian0000 profile image

damian0000 5 years ago from Belfast

This is a refreshingly positive attitude and great advice thrown in, thank you john :-)

sangre profile image

sangre 5 years ago from Ireland

That's very good advice.

Jean Bakula profile image

Jean Bakula 5 years ago from New Jersey

This was very good advice. Your friend probably had to write many 10-15 papers if he took philosophy courses, so is familiar with footnoting and how to back up what his premise is. HP is a great place for him to test his creativity, and make some money. The people are very helpful as well, I have had many people build my confidence, and offer good insights.

johndvan profile image

johndvan 5 years ago Author

A thankful high-five for taking the time to comment goes out to Damien000 and sangre27.

johndvan profile image

johndvan 5 years ago Author

Thanks for all the encouragement Jean Bakula. Keep on hubbing!

bestpoetry profile image

bestpoetry 4 years ago from Pakistan

Hi I am a new hubber, this is a good advice for me Thanks

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