Don't get mad at your hubs.
Don't get mad at your hubs.
Or even madder!
Or even madder!
Get them born again.
Get them born again.
Yes, you can.
Yes, you can.
Enjoy the fruits of your labour
Enjoy the fruits of your labour


Are you one of the frustrated hubbers that have hubs that are just sitting there in your account desolate and lonely with none bothering with them? Cheer up sweetheart! You can work it out, you need not pout and pity party anymore wondering why nobody in the sites cares enough to even have mercy on you and read your hubs. I for one have been through that phase and so have many of the famous hubbers, what you should not do is give up and quit which is basically why I decided to reach out to you and show you how to bring the much needed traffic and money to your hubs.

DON’T JUST SIT AND STARE -Get into action and make your hubpage a hub of activity. Continuing to click on your dead hubs to check on them will not help you in any way but will rather demoralize you to the point of giving up. I know exactly how you feel wondering why those hubs are dormant after putting in so much time and resources to write them, now look at those hubs again and ask yourself these questions. If you yourself come across those topics of yours anywhere online will something pull you to wanting to read them? Do those hubs address or discuss issues that really matter to people? Are your hubs well written and edited? Are they appealing enough to make people come back to read more of your hubs? Do you exercise patience and publish carefully or do you hurriedly shun out incomplete hubs? Do you remember to link your hubs to one another? Do you promote your hubs? Do you promote products? Do you relate with your fellow hubbers? Do you take out time to educate and improve your hubbing capability? Your answers to these questions are the reasons that constitute to the loneliness that was enveloping you and your hubs and to attract sunshine, comments, friends, fans, money and even love to your hubs, you must shake off all dowdiness, put on some smiles (Yes do! Inspirations flow unobstructed from merry hearts) and let’s go resurrect those hubs to life.

DELETE THE HUBS! Yes, go ahead and kill those hubs completely but before you do that save the hubs somewhere first. I know you must be wondering why you are being advised to kill that same thing you are trying to resuscitate. In our bid to bring back your hubs to life we are going to add, remove, reconstruct where necessary but it will be smarter to delete hubs first before republishing so that they can be listed again in the hubactivity column where every hubber will have it shown on their homepage. This is another way of attracting others to your hubs.

MAKE THE TITLES CATCHY - A good title is what first attracts people to your hubs, it is the honey that attracts money like bees to your hubs so check out those hubs and write out about five new and catchier topics for them. See which of those topics will have you clicking on it if those were written by another person and use them instead. A topic like “How to lose weight through exercising and dieting” can be re-titled to read “How to lose some weight in 5 minutes”, that way people who love their food and do not want to hear about exercising will prefer to read how they can shed their weight in a jiffy with less hardwork. You can go the extra-mile by stylishly giving your hubs two titles using such punctuation marks as the question marks, colon and hyphen as shown in these two hubs below:

Is your husband cheating? - 10 things to do to save your marriage from divorce.

The Joneses syndrome: Appreciate yourself and conquer the inadequacies that make you strive too hard to belong.

People often debate that the content of a hub is what attracts traffic, I agree it does but what first draws people to the content is the right title. It is of inestimable value to every hubber, it is what first attract and move people into reading a hub.

ENRICHEN THE CONTENT - It is not enough to make your hubs attractive using catchy titles, the contents should be rich too so that the people your hubs attracted in the first place will not feel as disappointed as a man that was drawn from afar by a glittering lady only to get close and realize that his love interest is just all “blingy”. Take your time to study your topic very well and make it worth reading. Rich hub contents does not only bring you traffic, it brings you followers, friends and love that stay and stick to you. People keep coming back because they know they are going to get good stuffs reading your hubs so it keeps the traffic coming. When you take out time to do your home work and research your work before putting it out, the readers thank and love you for that and you will not have to wallow in that loneliness ever again(Smile!). A healthy content will also get you the interest of search engines and set your dollars rolling in. Is that not what you want?

TAG, TAG AND TAG - Keywords are those main words people type in at search engines when searching for information on the words. It pulls the clicks to your hubs and so is the key to good adsense earnings. A good number of relevant keywords can bring traffic to your hubs.

EDIT, EDIT AND EDIT - Nobody is perfect and most times even the best English students make mistake in either typing or word construction. The hubpage website is so accommodating that it still tolerates all our mistakes but we should edit properly to avoid that. The best way to do that is to read the hubs twice or thrice and correct whatever needs correction before publishing or if you cannot edit yourself you can write on such packages like the Microsoft word instead of wordpad or notepad. It helps a lot in editing as it highlights your mistake and guides you in their correction too. You save yourself much by so doing because a badly written write-up has a way of bringing down the image of a writer. I get very angry with myself when I write stuffs that mistakenly have errors in them because to me it brings down my personality and make me look careless so I make effort to edit well. A hub that is full of grammatical errors can drive away quality followers from you. Who wants to be associated with a person that cannot even express him or herself well so edit if you want your hubs to stay alive.

COMMUNICATE -Have your readers in mind while writing your hubs. Are they going to be interested by what you are writing? Are you communicating to them and passing across your message? Keep a balance while writing, choose your words nicely enough to keep your hub professional yet mellow your tone to still bring a little humour to your readers. Offer suggestions and solutions to problems, that way your readers benefit from you and are even moved to leaving comments. When people leave comments in your site it increases the average time they spent on your site which accrues to your adsense earnings.


Link and Interlink-There are three ways to market and promote your hubs, the first way is by linking them one to another. While publishing a new hub you can make references to your old hubs and link them in, that way you keep taking people to your old hubs thus increasing the traffic on them. Link your hubs to your profile page while introducing yourself and as they click you are keeping your hubs alive and well.

Social Networking sites - A good way of telling your friends, colleagues and acquaintances about your hubs is by sharing them in social networking sites like Facebook, myspace, chatrooms and even great sites like Digg and stumbleupon. It gets people clicking, reading and sharing it with their friends, that way it keeps circulating like wildfire. What a great source of traffic!

URL tracker – A good use of your URL tracker while linking your hubs goes a long way in garnering you more earnings from the affiliates site and even from hubpage site itself. When friends and other net surfers register in hubpage after clicking on your tracker and start earning through the affiliates, 10% of those earnings are paid to you. Go ahead, market your hubs and get them born again.

PROMOTE PRODUCTS -Another avenue of making money here in hubpage is by promoting articles on sell by such affiliates like Amazon and E-bay. It is a referral form of marketing these companies are using to sell their products and maximize profits. Search for products that are related to the topic you are discussing and refer your readers to them. You are indirectly helping sell those products and the rewards are what fatten the check of great hubbers here, so get on the bandwagon.

PUBLISH CAREFULLY- In a rush to have the satisfaction that comes from publishing one’s hub most of us do not take out time to add the frills and thrills that make hubs rock. Such great tools as video, good photos, links, slideshows, news are indispensable as they not only increase your hubscore but add sophistication to your hub. Polls when used on a good hub can get things interactive and have your hub booming with activities which all contribute to the success of your hubs.

EDUCATE YOUR SELF -Things sound a bit technical when one joins hubpage newly and the only way to flow along and understand hub jargons is to read and read. Hub topics are great sources of knowledge, not only do you learn the intricacies of writing hubs that attract traffic they enrich your life with useful ideas. Make good use of the search buttons on the websites and search for whatever you do not understand, who better to get advice from than the experienced hubbers themselves?

NURSE YOUR HUBS- Keep nursing your hubs until they come alive, great hubbers themselves have confessed to having to nurse their ailing hubs. Sign up at google analytics and be able to monitor and analyze your traffics. Analytics enables you know your adsense ads clicked, page impression, the average time spent by visitors on your hubs, estimated profits eCPM, click-through rate CTR, visitors' paths of entrance, bounce rates, navigation summary, entrance keywords, money earned per click CPC etc. The knowledge of these equips you to know how to go about improving on your hubs. So watch over your hubs and when the traffic thins out, work on them all over again. Change the title and content where possible, nip, cut and tuck those hubs into the shape you want.

RELATE WITH OTHER HUBBERS- It’s a big lovely community and just like relating with your good neighbours adds sunshine to your life so does good relationship with other hubbers liven up your hub life. Leave positive comments on hubs you deem fit for that, you can attract not only traffic to your hubs but make good friends that liven up your hub life by so doing. So stop sulking, get on your computer and do that hub right. Yes, you sure can!

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Becky Puetz profile image

Becky Puetz 5 years ago from Oklahoma

First of all I'd like to say that I love your writing style. I truly enjoyed reading this article and picked up some great pointers and tips. Thanks so much for sharing. Awesome Hub.

wearing well profile image

wearing well 6 years ago from Lancashire U.K.

Great advice.I've unpublished a few hubs because they were seasonal but will recycle them again at a later date.Do you ever republish into a different category by editing the title or content slightly?

billyaustindillon profile image

billyaustindillon 6 years ago

Some great ideas here - thanks for sharing

Green Lotus profile image

Green Lotus 6 years ago from Atlanta, GA

What a great, informative Hub for oldies and newbies alike! Thanks GD!

RiaMorrison profile image

RiaMorrison 6 years ago from Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada

Good advice, and definitely what I should consider doing with some of my older and less-read Hubs.

bulletproofchris profile image

bulletproofchris 6 years ago from hutchinson, ks

good hub...lots of info, but also a good read. thanks for sharing your tips, and look forward to more

prasetio30 profile image

prasetio30 6 years ago from malang-indonesia

I get good information here. Thanks for share with us.

James A Watkins profile image

James A Watkins 6 years ago from Chicago

Excellent advice! Thank you for reaching out to help others. Well done!

Great Diadem profile image

Great Diadem 6 years ago from Nigeria Author

Thanks Kazeem!

kazeemjames01 profile image

kazeemjames01 6 years ago

Great hub

Great Diadem profile image

Great Diadem 6 years ago from Nigeria Author

Glad you guys appreciate this! thanks to you all for your comments.

bulletproofchris profile image

bulletproofchris 6 years ago from hutchinson, ks

thanks for posting these little gems for the hub community; it is greatly appreciated

digitalexplorer profile image

digitalexplorer 6 years ago from United Kingdom

Excellent hub! Everyone should read this. Im glad that I read this before I decided to post my first hub.

MickS profile image

MickS 6 years ago from March, Cambridgeshire, England

Watcha GD,

good stuff, lots to learn here.



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