Ghost Sax [Or, His Heart-Children]

Ghost Sax [Or, His Heart-Children]

May this bare note remind the souls of Earth:

Your notes expired ‘ways inspired mirth;

’Twas nary a song devoid of Spirit’s range.

Each note, diminished, in our hearts, gave birth.

So now your songs’ heart-children

surround you with love and smile,

longing to hear your notes

again in the after while.

’Tis written in the stars, beyond the morrow,

we’ll raise our glass to those bright bars of sorrow.

One to forever engrave, one to erase

what, though some complement, none shall replace.

Though some had doubt, and said you’d breathed your last,

Perpetually your music shall be passed

’Til morning when your sons and daughters sing,

“Forever dancing with the Groo Grux King.”

-in memory of Leroi Moore


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