Give Me Some More Pulp Fiction.

Give me Some

More Pulp fiction

Let me


your navel,

with it's

jade jewell

as I peel

away the

only barrier

between us,

revealing your


Sunkissed, and

tempting is

your freckled skin

that begs holding,

and squeezing,

as the juices

flow together.


Soon my

mouth will

part the sections,

to your

innermost delights.

I will

devour you,


and leave

seeds behind

when I

am through.

Your taste

will haunt me

as I labor

in the summer's

sizzling heat.

But you will

be waiting

for me come


in cool

white drawers.

Freshly plucked

and eager

to share

your quarters,

when we join

two halves

as one.




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