Give Me Time

Take Time to Heal. Don't Rush

Give me a little bit of time. I'm trying to change what they have made of me.

This hollowed shell of a heart, still sometimes beat. I have a pulse, but I am tired and it is weak very weak.

Nurture me. Feed me. Give me life. Breathe into me. Wet my lips.

I promise, I will speak.

I need time, to learn how to smile. Time to dream again. Time to learn how to listen and love.

This is by far no overnight adventure. My equillibrium is off.

I need time for definition and composure. Please do not rush. Give me time.

I need to wander about so that I can feel the ground beneathe my feet. I need to focus on something small so that it does not overtake me.

Give me time. Give me time to understand luster and depth and height.

I need to re-evaluate trust and see if the world can be kind. I need time.

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jami l. pereira 5 years ago

Lovely , well thought out and smooth thanks for the read :) voted up and awesome and beautiful :)

vtwilli profile image

vtwilli 5 years ago from Baton Rouge, Louisiana Author

Jami thank you very much

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