Glittering Diamonds: a short story

The Gift

It was her eyes that he remembered, it was brilliant with tears, like diamonds, he thought. That was his last image of her. "It'll be okay, I'll only be gone for three months," he promised. His company needed him to be in Indonesia at the dam site to make sure that everything went well. As a specialist he only had to there for a short time to make sure that the project had the proper foundation. But it took longer than the three months, the design had to be changed, the condition of the soil and silt, the deviations in land formations after the landslide, those small differences were enough to delay his return and forced him to stay an extra three months. John wanted to get home, he needed to be there before it was too late and she would be all alone.

Renee was washing the last of the breakfast dishes when she felt the contractions. She knew that she was due at any time now but it still took her by surprise. "Mom!" she yelled. "I think it's happening!" No answer, where was she. "Mom?"

Jenny was talking with Mrs. Gallagher and keeping her up to date when she faintly hear her daughter calling for her. She felt a premonition. "Oh, that's Renee calling. I think she needs me." and said her good-byes to the neighbor. As she walked up the steps on the back porch she heard her calling again. "I'm right here honey!" She opened the screen door and walked inside the hall and headed for the kitchen. Renee was holding her stomach and had an intense look on her face. "My water broke," she said. Jenny went into action. She located the car keys, the overnight bag, and made sure that she had Jenny's cell phone. In no time at all they were on their way to the hospital. During the drive, Renee looked sad. What's wrong, Honey?" her mother asked. "John's not here." Renee replied and Jenny couldn't find anything to say at first. "I'm sure if he could have been here he would have." she said soothingly.

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John waited impatiently at the airport arrivals terminal for the hired car to pick him up. Where was the guy, he was supposed to pick him up 15 minutes ago, he thought while pacing. He finally spotted a guy wearing a dark suit and holding up his name, and walked toward him. "I'm sorry Mr. Gallagher, there was an accident and the traffic was terrible," the driver explained as he led him to the car. "That's all right, it happens. Let's just get me home." John said as he got into the car. Soon he would be on his way home, he thought. He briefly patted his suit pocket to make sure that the box was still there. He couldn't wait to give her the gift. He took out his cell phone and punched a number to dial the house. Nobody answered. He tried her cell phone and his mother-in-law picked up. "John! We're at the hospital, Renee's going into labor!" he heard. "I'm back, I'm at the airport."

"What!" Terry then recovered, "Get here quick!"

He gave the driver the hospital address. As soon as the car stopped he signed the receipt and rushed through the hospital and got hold of the nurse, he was there to help support his wife, he explained. Quickly, he handed his jacket to Jenny and put on the hospital greens that they gave him. Her face was priceless when Renee saw him.

Afterwards he was sitting by her bedside while she held their new son. Renee looked tired but happy. John was home and her baby was born, she felt the tears well up again. John looked into her eyes and it reminded him of glittering diamonds. "I have a surprise for you too," he said with a smile and showed her the box, then opened it. Inside were two perfect diamond earrings, and she looked at him. "I saw these at a jewelry store at the airport in Jakarta, and I thought of you waiting for me."

Renee beamed, she knew what the real gift was.

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Jewelz1313 profile image

Jewelz1313 4 years ago from Branson, Missouri

This story brought tears to my eyes as well. I love these chocolate diamonds. The diamond in my wedding ring fell out the other day so of course getting a replacement is on my mind. Thank you for the wonderful story. Voted up!

Flightkeeper profile image

Flightkeeper 4 years ago from The East Coast Author

Hi Jewelz, thank you. I wasn't sure if it would work to combine fiction and sales, but it is what it is. I'm glad you liked the story.

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