Go Slow, Go Easy

Go slow


Our forebearers


I await you


Why hurry unto death? Why not?

Go slow.

Go easy.

Vampire strikes; sucks sweet soul.

Go slow.

Go easy.

Indigo, oozes.


Spirit of energy to psyche of death.

Go slow.

Go easy.

Parasite intones

He screams “I won”.

He yelps “It’s over”

Effort fails. River Styx looms yonder.

Go slow.

Go easy.

Leech be gone; illumination beams

Go slow.

Go easy.

Resplendent hope appears.

More than Effexor, more than Cymbalta,

More than bi polar maniacal craze.

More than Wellbutrin medicinal haze.

Go slow.

Go easy.

Doom, the reward, is

Too soon gained.

Doom, the reward,

Is too soon gained.

Are you ready, willing and able

Are you ready to die?

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Feedback please; where are you on the march? 2 comments

lotusb34 profile image

lotusb34 17 months ago from Maine

I saw this on my feed and you mentioned that AA says so slow go easy. I was wondering how long have you been sober? Is this poem your struggle for sobriety?

Abundant old soul profile image

Abundant old soul 17 months ago from united states Author

I have been sober for exactly 24 hours. I fell off the wagon, got on the wagon, fell off the wagon. You know how w say one day at a time? For me it is one second at a time. My drug of choice is food. My demon is depression. In OA we talk about easy does it.

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