Your decision............


O God,

all the decisions,

you have taken,

accepted to me.

But the person,

standing before you,

is very helpless.

Every morning,

scattered, when


with the walls,

of my misfortunes,

my requests,

and prayers,

then returned to me,


it reached to you.


the distance,

between earth and sky,

is very long,

it is not happened,

till now,

plucking of a flower,

might be the reason of,


of whole orchard,

Even then,

the torch of my life

was made turned off,


shortage of light,

is not with you,

your esteemed light,

is always reflected,

in all the nooks,

and corners,

of everyone's life and

in the whole world,

but why mine,

is darkened ?

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Ruchira profile image

Ruchira 5 years ago from United States

such despair in this poem...God Bless!

trulybless2010 profile image

trulybless2010 5 years ago from Madison,Florda

very nice

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