Gods & Devils Angels & Demons


Gods & Devils Angels & Demons

Gods & Devils Angels & Demons

Believe in The Light/Beware of the Deep Pits of Hell/Beware of the Darkness

Forces Of Life And Death/Be Amidst God/But take Heed of da Devil

Battle of Angels Versus Demons

Gods Of Logic/Devils Of Stupidity

Protectors of the Realm/Destructors of the Realm

Compassionate Angels/Destructive Demons

Swallowed in The Wake of The Gods & Devils Angels & Demons

Hallowed creatures of the realm/Divine Creatures of the Realm

Demon Speaker Of Different tongues/Immortal Creatures of the Realm/

Driven from da edge of Eternity us Mortal Beings

Thus THE War Began Between The Gods & DeVils Angels & Demons

So Be Grateful You Have No Posistion in da War!!!!!

Gods N Devils/Angels N Demons

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