Golden Arms & Platinum Pursuits

".. And I feel so right, when I fade into the night.."
".. And I feel so right, when I fade into the night.."

Plunge the spike into your arm

Repeat the order, scared, alarmed

Searching all over the tracks

Glossing over all the cracks

Find yourself searching in vein

Killing yourself to dull the pain

Every sound is magnified

And all your fears are justified

They're coming for you now just listen

Ghosts of vices past arisen

No matter how hard you try

You're trying much harder to die

A useless shell covered in stains

To feel okay is all you gain

Networks of thought can't comprehend

Only death will bring the end

Your arms are pumped with so much cash

Your veins so full of secret stash

A head that's full of tortured thoughts

It can't do much time's grown too short

Living like a fucking slave

Til' they put you in the grave.

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Mira Fang profile image

Mira Fang 2 years ago from Canada

Writing is a tool of one's spirit, soul or whichever term you prefer. Hence, the words are a gift to the reader; a depiction of the writer's inner workings. I read the works of other's with this in mind. When I read a piece that resonates with my own inner writer, I feel strongly that I must say so. Someone that writes from the heart, shares a highly personal thing. This is something to be admired and celebrated. I am honoured to encourage you further nurturing your latent talent.

Bambi L'Amour profile image

Bambi L'Amour 2 years ago from Brighton, UK Author

=D I'm so glad you liked it!! I need to start incorporating the different styles into a cohesive method and then I'll feel I've come into my own, thanks for being so supportive it's really appreciated!! :)

Mira Fang profile image

Mira Fang 2 years ago from Canada

'Plunge the spike into your arm,' was an immediate hook.

I thoroughly enjoyed the double entendre 'searching in vein.' Clever and painfully humorous.

'Your arms are pumped with so much cash,' made me shiver and almost whimper. Your comparitive techniques are definitely a strength of yours.

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