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In the previous article, joining writing workshops can be a good deal in improving your skills as a writer. However, the question lies or sometimes we have doubts if the organizers of the said workshop are good or just a bunch of fraudsters making money out of us. So the question is, how do we know if the workshop can really hone our skills or not? In this article, I will be providing some pointers on how to locate a good workshop where you can join without hesitating and losing your valued time. As a writer, time is one of the most important things that we have, so make sure your making the best out of it, not just wasting it. Read more to find out.

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Word of mouth

In order for you to know if the workshop is good, there should be gossips roaming around and people are talking about that workshop. If everybody talks about it and most people recommend it, then go for it. People’s feedback is your key here, the best way to know if the workshop is effective is through the experience of people who joined the workshop and are still joining. You can also know if the workshop is good by reading reviews coming from various critiques of that workshop. As mentioned, the workshop will not be famous and effective if people are not talking about it and people are not into it.

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Research writing workshops

As a writer, researching information is one of our tasks. We are good at researching certain information that we need. Before joining any workshop, try to research the workshop how effective are the activities and how efficient are the facilitators of this workshop. This can be done by reading reviews, articles, or news feeds involving the workshop that you are interested in joining.You can also consider how long the facilitators are in the business. The longer they have stayed in the industry the more tenured they are and they know what to focus and what to do in certain situations in improving one’s skills in writing.

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Number of joining members

The more the merrier. The number of joining members shows how effective that workshop is. The facilitators of that workshop will not have tons of members joining if they are not good at what they do. There is also a big chance that you will learn much better since regular activities in workshops are group discussions coming from live experiences of other members. You will not just learn from the facilitators but also from the members and it is fun working with others.

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Good facilities or environment

What is the purpose of a great facilitator if they don’t have a luxurious place where you can learn to improve your writing? The event where the workshop will take place should be conducive to learning. There should be enough space to accommodate everyone who is interested to join. The place should be relaxing enough to make sure that every ounceof creativity is drawn out from the participant. Make sure that the facility is well ventilated and if possible, the most recommended place where workshops should be held is in faraway places or in resorts. If the budget of the facilitators cannot accommodate this type of venue then a simple venue is just fine. The focus here is that the place where the participants will be should be a relaxing place.

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Credibility of facilitators or organizers

As mentioned in the previous tips, the facilitators will not have a ton of members if they are not good at what they do in educating or honing people’s skills when it comes to writing. In reviews or feedback of previous participants, they will be mentioning names of the facilitators. This will be your queue, the more famous the facilitator, the more they are good at in bringing out the best in you. They will not establish their name just by making friends out of the participants. They got their name famous with the results that they provide in teaching workshop members. Their name will be their brand of their workshop.


Here are just some simple pointers in trying to locate an effective workshop that will definitely improve your skills in writing. If you have the leisure of time, try to research for other factors as well on what makes a good writing workshop. In the event that you have joined a writing workshop, open your mind and make sure that you are ready to absorb allthe coaching details that will be provided to you. Writing workshops are just one of the ways on how you can improve your writing. As a writer that seeks on improving their skills, you can try to locate other ways on how to improve your writing.

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