Good Mourning World.

Good Mourning World.



From Elmo to Emo,
as the years pass,

simple ABC's become

nothing but

Y's and ZZZZZZ's

where the I's

become worthless...

to ones self.

Sesame street

Ebony Avenue,

darkness falls

over the

innocent soul,


are channeled

to the

twilight zone


God becomes


piercings and
Razor sharp paths

trembling flesh,
from toddler

to dawdler in

a stereotype 

to fodder
for cruel peers.

Dark eyes,

black garb,

and a complete

absense from

the norm

where any

and all emotion



Funereal moods,

play out what is

anything but

mellow dramatic

on a stage

of growing

up that

some must

go through
as the red

of Elmo
leaches from

sliced pain.





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