Good Style: Writing for Science and Technology Sample

Review of the Sample

The sample for Good Style: Writing for Science and Technology by John Kirkman (Kindle price: $24.76) appears to be for a book that is primarily a science writing book (compared to a technical writing book). The sample chapters (1 and 2) reflect that. Chapter 1 has an introductory feel to it. The sample demonstrates formatting issues that we see in books that have been clumsily converted to ebook format. In particular, quotes (which are common in the book) are formatted with a different font size, but lists inside the quotes revert back to the original font size-- varying font sizes can be a useful technique in technical and science writing, one which Kirkman even points out in his discussion of typesetting, and having these kinds of typesetting issues in a sample which addresses typesetting is a little offputting. It inadvertently undermines the author's authority on the subject, even though it's certainly no fault of the author's that the book was e-bookified improperly.

I haven't decided whether to buy the book or not, and reading the sample didn't sway me either way. The sample did make me ask the question of whether or not I would find the font problems irritating enough not to enjoy reading the book. 

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