Good Vibes From The Universe

Glaring through a looking glass while being still without movement

A rebirth of someone new

To be courageous as a lion

But as meek as a swan

While not working for personal gain

Having nothing to be ashamed of watching a clock tick

There is no time to feel pressured

My mind is speaking while my heart listens

As I receive Good Vibes From The Universe

I stand on common ground while learning from a Teacher or a Preacher

Thank God that I still have good sense

Luck is a motivator and good fortune is due

Put these two together they stick like glue

Some said I would not make it

Some argued that it was true

When I get Good Vibes From The Universe I have nothing to prove

There are so many words that only one could speak

While bearing all honesty and thoughts of a Queen at lease

No one is perfect that I know

When given Good Vibes From The Universe

To be respected is a Good Vibe when shown

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manatita44 profile image

manatita44 8 months ago from london

Nice poem and positive message. Peace.

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