Good, free PDF editor / creator? Answer is: Scribus.

A screenshot of Scribus in action. Photo: Wikimedia Commons - Public domain.
A screenshot of Scribus in action. Photo: Wikimedia Commons - Public domain. | Source

Scribus - PDF editor.

A couple of years ago, I was doing some freelance work for a norwegian magazine. I was a student back then, and did not have any extensive training in terms of what programs to use for PDF design et cetera - so, I typed it all in to microsoft word. This were in the days that word could not create, edit and save PDF-format. It can now, and if you are willing to put some money in to a quality product; microsoft word 2013 is your go-to guy. It will supply you with the best stuff. None of that soda powder business, just pure quality.

Thing was, the chief editor for the magazine wanted the interview I was doing in PDF format, and not in .DOC style (which was the only way I could save my work back then). I was quite flabbergasted by the request, and did not even think about asking how I was supposed to go about doing that. So, I sought the solution where I knew I would find relevant answers - my computer illiterate friends. Nah, I went to have a cup of coffee with Mrs. Google...

PDF editing can be FUN! Photo: Wikimedia Commons - Public Domain.
PDF editing can be FUN! Photo: Wikimedia Commons - Public Domain. | Source

It is a PDF jungle out there...

The way I got inspired to write this article, was that history repeated itself - only difference being that I wanted a good PDF creator to make an ebook this time, not a simple article. For the life of me, I could not remember what software I used last time - only that I was left well satisfied with a wide smirk plasterd across my face. Once again, I found myself in the comforting, although sometimes misleading embrace of Ol' Mrs. Google - things had gotten even more bushy since my last visit. The search "PDF creator / editor" proved unfruitful, and I was left bewildered and frustrated.

Next step: Forum search. My ballpoint pens were blue with desperation by this time, and what could be more annoying than pressing an alluring title, only to find out it holds no answers to your question. I even stumbled in to a world of warcraft forum, who talked about some orc-enemy called Gankly Rottenfist, apparently if you kill that orc you get 11 experience points from a small side quest - I don't need information like that in my cramped brain...!

Finally - after having crossed paths with orcs and off-topic subjects - I struck gold. My salvation? A article on wikipedia that lists all the PDF software out there. You can find that list here:

- List of PDF software

Going through the list I was able to track down my old flame: Ms. Scribus. Quoting its wikipedia page:

"Scribus is designed for layout, typesetting and to prepare files for professional quality image setting equipment. It can also create animated and interactive PDF presentations and forms. Example uses include writing small newspapers, brochures, newsletters, posters and books."

I am in no way affiliated with Scribus, but I have nothing but praise for the software. It does exactly what it says, and it does it well. Thanks to Scribus I was able to design an ebook all by myself - with no PDF related frustration.

"Where do I find the software?"

- You can download Scribus for free via CNET's

Let me know if you have any problems - or any questions what so ever.

Have a good one.

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