Great Bookstores In The Philippines

National Bookstore...bigger and better
National Bookstore...bigger and better

Although, there are a lot of bookstores in the Philippines like Merriam-Webster Bookstore, Goodwill Bookstore, and some other minor bookstores and booksale stores, National Bookstore will stand out.

National Bookstore is the largest chain of bookstore in the country and one of the oldest. It was established in the 1930's in Manila. The bookstore did not start as big as it is now. It is only a small stall selling textbooks and school supplies in the street of Escolta, Manila. The bookstore was destroyed twice, first, when the whole of Escolta was burned down during the Japanese era, and the second was caused by a typhoon in 1948.

Another bookstore to join National Bookstore as one of the oldest bookstore which originated in the country would be Rex Bookstore. It was established in 1950 and became the main distributor of textbooks in the Philippines. Not only this, the bookstore supplies Teacher's Manual and other interactive teaching materials. They now develop their materials from posters and charts to CD, and now, online teaching materials.

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John-Eric Taburada 6 years ago


For those who are interested to read a "Candid and Amusing" Philippine travel guide entitled "Amazing Archipelago," just click on the website below for more information:

Good luck and happy reading.

Bookreader 6 years ago

I also wish to read this book of RTipon. Please email me how I can getg hold of it. Thanks.


Kenneth C. 6 years ago

Hi, I'm looking for Ross Tipon's book The power and the glory; the cult of manalo. Can you help me find it. I'm not in the PI, so I will buy it online. Thank you

Kevin Goos 6 years ago


I am looking for a supplier of remainder magazines to export to Cambodia, does anyone have a lead or two that could be helpful?

jofrey 6 years ago

please let met know, if there's any books store here in the philippines that has the "symbolic logic" by iriving copi? you can reach me at 0906-4902772 or

thank you so much for the help.

God bless!!!

jofrey 6 years ago

where can i buy the book "symbolic logic" 5th ed by irving copi?

botsky 6 years ago

u know d book , "COUNTRIES AND CITIES OF THE WORLD"? its a thick huge book ussually seen in libraries. how we do orders. pls advice.

micah 6 years ago

hi! my family is setting up a college in the northern part of Luzon and we are almost ready for the start of the school year, except for one detail...

i'm looking for a supplier of entrance exam booklets that are pre-approved by CHED. do you know of any?

JKSophie profile image

JKSophie 7 years ago from Philippines Author

Hi jessamae...I think we do not have that book yet, here in the Philippines. But I suggest, you logon to the website of either National Bookstore or Powerbooks (those are my favorites), then send them a message through their website asking if they can order that book for you. I've tried this once and it worked. Goodluck!

jason 7 years ago

meron ba kayong tle

jessamae 7 years ago


i've been trying to find the book entitled spring awkening: in the flesh by steven sater

is it available in any bookstore here iin nthe philippines?

i really really need it.

pls help me.

Joy 7 years ago

Hi JKSophie! tnx. for the response! I tried already to google it and check it in amazon but I dnt have a credit card so i cant buy it in amazon or ebay! tnx. :-)

JKSophie profile image

JKSophie 7 years ago from Philippines Author

Hi James and Joy. I'm sorry, but I'm not familiar with the new bookstore in Manila and Westlife autobiography. You may try to google this or check Amazon or Ebay (for Joy). :)

joy 7 years ago

.. did somebody knows where to buy the new Westlife autobiography?!!! pls... help!!!

joy 7 years ago

...somebody knows where to buy the new Westlife autiograpy?!

james Koo 7 years ago

i heard there is a new bookstores in Manila about 3-4yrs old. retailing general titles. Have you got the address and name for the store. they have about 3-4 branches. Appreciate your help.

JKSophie profile image

JKSophie 7 years ago from Philippines Author

Hi Anna, you may try to check the streets of Recto in Manila, if you cannot find books in National Bookstore. You can find a lot of mini-bookstores or stalls selling new and 2nd hand books.

Anna 7 years ago

HI! I would like to ask if you know bookstores that specialize in College-level textbooks and references? I live in Los Baños, Laguna and books in Economics and Mathematics are hard to come by here. I always try checking out National Bookstore but the books they offer are almost always about General Economics and/or General Mathematics. Thanks. :)

JKSophie profile image

JKSophie 7 years ago from Philippines Author

I'm sorry, I was a bit busy the past few weeks due to work.  For marites, you can try different publishing companies, instead of going through bookstores.  In that way, you can get better prices or bulk discounts.  You can also try DepEd accredited suppliers.

For jennk55112, there are bookstores who sell used books. I've been buying some of my books in Book Sale. Their books are affordable.

jennk55112 7 years ago

Hi. I am looking for an english-tagalog-tagalog-english dictionary for my daughter. I looked at national bookstore on line but the one's they have are kinda pricey and not really good. Can you tell me where I can find one?

marites  7 years ago

hi. am looking for bookstores that could supply our preschool with textbooks. help us please

JKSophie profile image

JKSophie 7 years ago from Philippines Author

Hi journey. I'm sorry, but I don't know anyone with that book. Anyway, you can try searching through Amazon or google.

JKSophie profile image

JKSophie 7 years ago from Philippines Author

Hi Sesaria. It's good to know that you are interested to have a business here in the Philippines. The costs of paperbound / hardbound books really depends on what book it is, it's popularity, shipping and handling costs, and quality of the book. It would be best to first, make a feasibility study so you'll have a better idea on how much your books will cost.

journey 7 years ago

hi there do you know someone has a book entitled memory by Alan Parkin?thanks.I badly needed the book.God bless

journey 7 years ago

hi there do you know someone has a book entitled memory by Alan Parkin?thanks.I badly needed the book.God bless

Joscar 7 years ago

I got a copy of the Picture of Dorian Grey from the Literary Classics (Fiction) Section of National Bookstore (SM NORTH EDSA if I remember correctly).

Sesaria 7 years ago

Thanks JK Sophie, ---Do I guess right these are Pinoys/Pinays asking for bestseller/literary books. I'm renovating my mother's house in Las Pinas City (when I return home from US) and plan to devote one section of the house to setting up a small bookstore, specializing in Art books & Literary & poetry books from the US. (will try bulk buying to keep prices down). And a shelf for Used books (including old bestsellers). I haven't gone home yet. las Pinas was then a town when I left. Do you think this will make for a sustainable business? How much do paperback/hardbound books cost. I'm not looking for mega-profit; just to fill a need, & earn a little. Thanks JK Sophie

JKSophie profile image

JKSophie 7 years ago from Philippines Author

Hi Jim. I think we don't have The picture of Dorian Grey on our bookstores, unless you come across it on one of our book sale stores. But, one suggestion would, same as what I told Janine. You can go online and ask to find the book for you. Also, Amazon sells this book, so you can try that. If you want an online script, try this link - Happy reading!

Jim 7 years ago

umm... can i ask where can i buy the book of Oscar Wilde, picture of dorian grey....? I'm live at Las Piñas City, Metro Manila...

JKSophie profile image

JKSophie 7 years ago from Philippines Author

Hi Janine. For Charmed Sphere, I guess, it's not available yet in the Philippines, but you can always try to make a special order online.

Janine 7 years ago

hi. i want to know where i can find the series of Charmed Sphere by Catherine Asaro

JKSophie profile image

JKSophie 7 years ago from Philippines Author

Yes, I've heard of it. A book by Dr. Max Luscher pertaining to color preferences.

maricor canlas 7 years ago

hi..i would like to ask if you know the book, LUSCHER COLOR TEST..

JKSophie profile image

JKSophie 7 years ago from Philippines Author

I really don't know 3xia. Anyway, if I find my way to the bookstore one of these days, I'll look for that and will let you know :)

3xia 7 years ago

may i know how much is the community health nursing book by maglaya sold in manila?tnx

JKSophie profile image

JKSophie 8 years ago from Philippines Author

Lol. I know, it's not that popular compared to National Bookstore, but I consider it great, not only that it originated in the Philippines it also became the biggest supplier of textbooks in the country.

BeatsMe profile image

BeatsMe 8 years ago

Hi JKSophie, I've never heard of Rex bookstore. lol.

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