Greatest Science Fiction Writer: Robert A Heinlein

Rocket Ship Galileo by Heinlein
Rocket Ship Galileo by Heinlein

Rocket Ship Galileo

This is his first published book. In it he tells the tale of three teenagers who with their scientist uncle invent a propellant that allows them to go in a rocket ship to the moon. At the time of the writing, 1947, the concept of being able to reach the moon was considered so impossible that many publishers refused the book. However it was published as the start of a line of science fiction books for teenagers.

In the book the kids land on the moon, set up a base, and soon discover that Nazi’s have established a moon base of their own. Of course, a battle soon ensues, and the boys must find a way to force the Nazi pilot to help them return to home after their own rocket is destroyed.

The plot is fairly simple, but the story of a long gone Moon Culture who destroyed themselves with nuclear weapons and the battle with Nazi’s is classic science fiction for the time. This book is a wonderful read if you are willing to put aside your modern concepts of space travel and just enjoy it for the fun adventure it is.

Robert a Heinlein
Robert a Heinlein

Greatest Science Fiction Writer: Robert A Heinlein

If you are someone who loves science fiction or has been reading it with any regularity at all in the last thirty years, you are probably at least familiar with Robert A Heinlein. At the very least, you probably know him as the author of one of the more famous stories, “Stranger in a Strange Land”. But he wrote so much more than that, in fact over the 49 years of his writing career he wrote 32 novels, 59 short stories and there have been (so far) 16 collections of his stories that have been published. There have been stories published since his death in 1988 and many consider him truly one of the pioneers of the genre.

Now, Heinlein was not always a fantastic writer, in fact he has more than one or two novels that I have read and thought were pretty sloppy or at the least were fairly pedestrian. But the man never stopped writing and even his more sophomoric stuff, the early novels lets say, were miles beyond a lot of what I see that passes for science fiction these days.

So I thought it would be fun to take a look at the whole run of Heinlein books, one by one, and see just what this giant of a writer actually contributed to the genre. So much of his stuff was truly the basic pulp SF of his day, but he was a master at the fantastic and some of his real masterpieces like Stranger in a Strange Land (still one of my favorite books) and Glory Road still resonate for many today.

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Davesworld profile image

Davesworld 4 years ago from Cottage Grove, MN 55016

I grew up reading myself to sleep to Heinlein and Azimov. I look forward to the trip down memory lane.

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