Growing Hood

"My Neighborhood 1"
"My Neighborhood 1" | Source

The kids on my street

don’t go to school.

They gallivant noisily

and try to be cool.

The teenagers around here

smoke cigarettes in the yard.

Too bored and too smart,

just too lazy to work hard.

The guys on the block

grumble and complain

about the things they don’t have

or don’t want to maintain.

This is how they’re bred

in this neck of the woods,

not to be doctors and lawyers,

to be dealers and thugs and hoods.

It’s a shame nobody taught them

about true self worth,

how to respect themselves

and all on this earth.

Bred to feed need

not ambitions and dreams

They grow up so hard,

desensitized and callus it seems……

Catherine Povloski

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