It seems almost as if

I’ve started to accept this unknown me

Something inside

That bites and grates

And infuriates me

But this anger that swells from within

Isn’t toward that unknown me


This thing inside

Makes me hate you

And everything

It makes me scared

It makes me wonder

It tells me how you conspire

It tells me how you plot

How you wish to be my downfall

And it tells me I am not worthy

Of anything at all

This unknown me

Knows every flaw

Every downside

Every sin

Every atrocity

And it uses them to beat me down

And it won’t stop until I hate you

All of you

It’s the anger inside of me

That seems so unnecessary

But it won’t give me a choice


Or die

That’s what it tells me

And no matter how much I love you

I hate every single one of you

Just a little

But just a little more each day

But I know

I hate me

Most of all

Well, im not sure what to say, this is a poem i wrote a few days ago detailing how my paranoia is... its more or less personafied here.

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