Haiku By pearlgearl

Windblown Oak Trees Rockport, TX.

A Windy Day in South Texas

Sun Kissed Winds

Blowing Sweet Kisses

To El Nino


Doggy Haiku

Lazy Dog Lays

Spent from Chasing

Rainy day Tail

Corpus Christi The True Windy City

Gale of Wind

Makes a Formidable Enemy

For My SUV

Time Well Spent

Out of Practice and

Short on Time I am forced

To Make My Haiku Rhyme.

Thunderstorm over Gulf of Mexico

Rainy Days

Heavy Clouds Groan

Exploding with Anger

Over Heavy Load

Is This Really What Authors Do Nowadays?

Busy as a Bee

Twittering n Tumbling

Tapping my Life Away


I Found the End of the Internet It is Marked by a Large Trojan Horse

Barren the Trees

Baring only Web Worms

Fruit for the Birds


Cotton Harvest Time in South Texas

A Million Tiny Lambs

Herd Themselves Across Fields

Cotton Exodus



Beautiful Sunflower

Reflecting the Suns Love

Up to the Skies


Typical Day in Corpus Christi, TX.

Stinging Summer Heat

Steaming off of the Streets

Mosquitoes Delight


School Bus

Brakes Screeching

Door Hinges Creeking

Children Screaming


Darn the Weeds

Crabgrass Eating

At My Yard Like Gizmo

Fed after Midnight


No Time To Rhyme

Fingers Wiggle

Tapping this verse out Freely

Not Looking for Words


A Clean Floor

Dancing Children

Laughing, Sweeping the Floors

Now Dirty Socks


Spring Breeze

Cool Morning Breeze

Singing the Sweet Song of Spring

Upon Excited Trees


Drive in the Country

Fields Running Fast

Past, carrying trees and grass

Engine Smoke Chasing

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