Haikus for Earth Day

A collection of haikus appropriate for Earth Day

Slowly Falling Rain

Slowly falling Rain

the trees drink the sweet nectar-

they bloom in their binge.

Hot Winter Evening

Hot winter nightime

confusion takes a firm hold.

Chaos rules the world.

Hot Summer Morning

Hot summer morning

insects busily buzzing

Order takes firm hold

Life Righting Itself

Hurricane sweeps by

Chaos engulfs sweet order

Life righting itself.

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win-winresources 4 years ago from Colorado


Traditional haiku is 5-7-5. That said, many famous haiku writers advise that (particularly when written in English) haiku does not have to be so limited. Instead, they urge the writer to seek both the imagery and the essence. They go so far as to describe the 5-7-5 as the carcas of the poem.

I, as an amateur, found the 5-7-5 to be very useful in forcing a parsimony of well choosen words while I reach for the essence and imagery.

Good luck.


Michelle Taylor profile image

Michelle Taylor 4 years ago from New Jersey Author

Hello Win, I wrote these many years ago for my senior poetry class in high school. I remember the teacher wanted us to use the traditional 5-7-5 structure and then made us play around writing a few breaking free from that structure.

alocsin profile image

alocsin 4 years ago from Orange County, CA

Sorry I missed these for earth day. Voting this Up and Beautiful.

Michelle Taylor profile image

Michelle Taylor 4 years ago from New Jersey Author

Thank you alocsin :-)

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