Halloween Costume Ideas Last Minute

Cheap last minute easy costume ideas

Chick Magnet: wear your usual attire and paste Barbie dolls all over you.

Hillbilly: find camo clothes, overalls, plaid and chewing tobacco can and draw on a beard or buy one.

Security: wear a suit and glasses, put one headphone or ear bug in your ear.

Static cling: wear sweats and attach socks all over your outfit.

Beauty Queen: formal dress and make a sash out of ribbon, tease hair

Runaway bride: sneakers and a white dress

Togas: buy flat white bed sheets (can also be used individually)

Kanye West and Taylor Swift: man wears a sport coat and female a dress holding a microphone

College couple: man wears polos with sunglasses, khakis and flip flops. Female wears sorority shirt (like "Parent's weekend 2006") and a short skirt with flip flops.

Grapes: wear black and attach purple balloons to yourself (can get with friends to make a Fruit of the Loom series)

Ghost: white sheet

Clark Kent: Superman shirt under business attire

Athlete: wear any jersey your have of your favorite team and add the cleats or cap

Tourist: camera, fanny pack, Hawaiian shirt

Olympic athlete: wear a metal award and sports outfit

Yourself, 10-30 years ago: find a dated outfit your still own

Raisinetts: stuffed black trash bag as an outfit

Charlie Brown: goodwill sweater

Jumping Bean: jump up and down in a brown sweatsuit or brown trashbag. Also can hold a can of beans.

Cat: leotard and draw whiskers

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