Hands Without a Heart

We walk and smile
Our pictures show our style
Yet nothing has changed
We just try to rearrange
We clean our corners
And use the same colors
But now it’s purple, then blue
And not the same old hue
We look at another
While we touch each other
With hands without a heart
And love that can never start

It’s better to stay silent
During a passionate moment
Because a picture will soon appear
With someone else drawing you near
And what you said before
Will be cast upon the floor
As your lover tries to understand
But realizes you had no plan
Except that you knew it would end
So you acted the part and played pretend
And made love to a willing partner
Who thought you were a loving gardener

And yet while we seek our daily inspiration
Those who rule us leave us to our salvation
With new words that are the same old lies
They show us a cross and let us look to the skies
They wonder how it is so easy to steal
Even as we believe in how they make us feel
Fingers that point to our common enemy
And to the neighbor who they say stole our liberty
Hands again without a heart rising before us
Into our pockets even though we are suspicious
But a life full of pictures and colors
Is no match for hope sold to us by our captors

If I cannot trust your screaming passion
Or a thief’s next insincere confession
Or a hand over a heart
Or a prayer before the games start
Or an artist’s plea for peace
Or an activist in the streets
Or President’s promise
Or an act of Congress
What can I do or say
Except let my hands lay
On your life and hopes for love
And wonder if lust is all that life is made of

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