Hanging Out Your Barn Door.

Hanging Out Your Barn Door.























Don't change horses,

just change the shoes,
the luck is in those

curves of metal bent,
and hammered firm

into the hoof,
and if they're loose,

the horse will hobble,....

your jockeys will fall off

and you'll be standing

there quite shamed,
completely nude,

with terrible shoes.

just picture that ....

you'll know I'm right,
just change the horseshoes,

get them tight.




If only we

were eskimos,
in some deep

frozen land,
we walk on


diamond ice,
together hand

in hand,
A timeless land

of endless days,
and many

endless nights,
where we would

be forever young,
'neath magic

northern lights.
We'd catch

some fish,
and tease

a seal,
by throwing

him a ball,
and laugh

as we discover,
he can't

balance it it all,
Then off to

our warm igloo,
where a fire

would await,
with two bowls

of canned vegatables,
and fish upon

our plate.
Then later we

would snuggle,
with fur blankets,

in warm poses
to share sweet

eskimo kisses,
giggling softly,

rubbing noses.



6:45 A.M. Reception.

Wed to this day
from beneath
white silk draped,
I emerge
divorced from
my dreams.



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Micky Dee profile image

Micky Dee 6 years ago

Did you get a restraining order form the dreams first?

You know fish oil is great for depression. I've never seen a sad eskimo!

Lose your blues and loose horse shoes!

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