Happy Ghost Donut

Happy Ghost Donut, rickzimmerman 2010
Happy Ghost Donut, rickzimmerman 2010

Come on down to Casper’s! Where all the specters ‘spect to eat! And all the goblins come to gobble! Home of the Happy Ghost Donut!

That’s right! Are you tired of all those empty calories just piling up on your thighs and hips, muffintop and fatback? Sick of seeing those last dozen or so moolattés wobbling around like wrestling cats inside your spandex funsuit? Is there more cottage cheese on your legs and butt these days than in your grocer’s dairy case?

Well, then, get with the program! — the Phantom Pastry Program! Wrap your lips around our wraith-like waffles. Or a heaping helping of our haunting hotcakes! Try some Apparition Apple Pie! Each of our fine confections comes without fear of fat or calories or confectioner’s powder all over that power tie or pantsuit. Get with the spirit of our spookberry spoonbread! Have an exceptional Ether Éclair! Or a zingy zombie zabaglione! Our offerings are literally out of this world! Try some today!

[Happy Ghost Donut (HGD) Dining is available at many fine outlets, except where prohibited by law. HGD Dining requires credit-card authorization of fixed monthly charges. Enrollment entitles member to be hypnotized by local HGD Dining hoodoo doctor into believing he or she actually consumes satisfying pastry(ies) and/or beverage(s). No actual food or drink promised or delivered. All rights reserved. ©2010 Hoodoo Enterprises, Cayman Islands.]    

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