Have Your Hell

They say that it gets darkest,
Just before you see the light,
But sometimes when it's at the worst,
The end is still nowhere near in sight.

When it seems that it can only get better,
Certainly it's as bad as it can get,
The darkness couldn't be deader,
You haven't seen the worst of it yet.

The good times are gone away,
You don't know it but they won't return,
You had your sun and made your hay,
Now the rain will have its turn.

Like a wild cat in a cage,
Or a bird with a broken wing,
Your joy is on a past turned page,
To lament is your only reason to sing.

So you lie yourself a lullaby,
Just so that you can go to sleep,
But with every thought you let slip by,
You find new reason to weep.

There's not a thing that can be done,
You've made your cage far too well,
You had your laughs and had your fun,
Now you will have your hell.

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DarkDisOrder profile image

DarkDisOrder 6 years ago from B.A.D. (Beyond All Dimensions)

I enjoyed that, a reflection of the mind and it's disarray, brilliant...

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