He Is Out Of My Life:

It's been one thousands and sixty days;

Since he went away

He searched for love, throughout the night

like a vampire, who afraid of the light"

He whispers sweet nothing in the fool ear;

His charm and charisma was his tools'

It been one thousand and sixty days

Since he went away;

He often said the he wouldn't stray;

His clothing and Jewelry, still hang in my closet;

Oh! how l want to forget it;

White, Beige, black and plaid shirts;

All hang in place, beside my skirts;

Oh! where is my Child Father?"

Does it really matter?'

Not far, but behind enemies line;

He is covered with guilt;

But his disolate look, can be detected;

The darn fool looks like a reck;

His aging face, his unsteady gait;

All signs of human bait;

His foolish pride, he egos bruise;

My child fathers have been screw,

By one of life greatest fears;

That's is having an affair:

And hurting the ones you love

for a roll in the hay.

At last ! the Judge would be ruling soon

You love me once,

however, you let the lusting

string you along.

so, long . so long,

be gone.... I do not love you anymore.

so here Is the door.

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felix joseph 6 years ago

blackqueen, your write here is very powerful, i lack how to express the way i understand this, but its a great write. respect


Darknlovely3436 profile image

Darknlovely3436 6 years ago from NewYork Author

thnk you so much for reading my work Felix..

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