God is Always There


Always there, when I sigh, always there, to wipe my cry.

Always there, when I was down, always there, when no one else was around.

Always there, to hear my prayer, always there, when others don't care.

Always there, to understand, always there, to give a hand.

Always there, when there was a blow, always there yes, oh God only you know.

Always there, when pain was around, always there, when no help could be found.

Always there, when close to death, always there, when nothing else is left.

Always there, when not knowing the way out, always there without a doubt.

Always there, to love me dear, always there, oh so near.

Always there, may I never forget, always there let me not regret.

Always there when I am bothered the most. Always there, the great heavenly host.

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MysteriousOne profile image

MysteriousOne 5 years ago

very spiritual and emotional hub!Yes,He is always there!That is His promise! Thanks for sharing! voted up!

Claudia Marie profile image

Claudia Marie 5 years ago Author

His word is faithful, we can put complete trust in it. Thank you for your comment.

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