Healing and Longing Words



Why didn’t you come visit me baby?

There wouldn’t be anyone else but us.

I was waiting

for a decade or so

I was starving for you, us

For the love thought to be

The notion was all I had to hang onto

Blinded, made a fool out of my heart

Wanting us to work so desperately

I could barley breath, speak be still

Waiting for you, sitting, waiting, wondering

maybe I should get up off my fearful ass

to come to you.

Rejection enters hastily; my romantic notion leaves even faster.




I have the ambition of a sloth

stretched out, so content.

To even look at myself seems lost

If I could smile

Who would that be?

Definitely not the girl in front of my eyes

Staring back with a cold, abandoned gaze.

Craving death to wisp me away

seems not to be fast enough

here I stand, blinking painfully

waiting to take that one step in a direction,

of truth and unknown

towards the person that lingers beneath the surface

waiting to break free

stretched out, so content




I crave a cigarette

and I don’t even smoke

I thought if I needed one

I’d miss thinking of you.


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brightnewday profile image

brightnewday 6 years ago from USA

Lovely ...

michael ely profile image

michael ely 6 years ago from Scotland

Hi MarionAnn, Some great poems. Your words really work so well together. Michael.

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