Healthy writing

a balanced discipline

Too much sugar, fat and salt. I know there are fast food writers. I might be one. Pull up to the drive through window and get a bag of hot aromatic satisfying burgers and fries. Sip on a beverage with caffeine and sugar and artificial color to wake up. Feel satisfied.

I love fast food. That potent combination of fat, salt and sugar is addicting. Maybe those qualities are what draw so many to writing. I am making all this up as I go.... Fat would be whatever you read that somehow satisfies the desires you have. You might call that content. Salt would be that style that makes the taste buds salivate, that makes that hamburger or fishburger taste better, along with catsup and lettuce, maybe cheese, etc.

The sugar part might be the attempt to draw in emotional response. Not necessarily in a cold hearted, manipulative way, but what is it that defines me; makes you like these writings, causes you to come back.

I contrast this with the food pyramid, with fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lots of water and maybe dairy products, minimal oils and fats, proteins balanced with carbs balanced with fats.

I am not pretending to be a nutritionist. Trying to use word pictures to explain. Of course a balanced diet might be boring. Yesterday, at a Thai restaurant, I had the best soup with rice, chicken, coconut milk, peas in the pod, spices. What a wonderfully healthy tasty, satisfying meal.

Dark chocolate can be healthy. It doesn't need a ton of sugar for it to shine. A tunafish sandwich for lunch is tasty. I drink cold lemonade and enjoy it. Or maybe you are like me and play with words. Are you taking me seriously now? I pause from writing to check if I take myself seriously. Sort of.

Are you as cynical as I can be? Is your heart hard? Do you remember when your heart was soft, before it was scarred by life. Can you see my scars? If time is limited, these words should have some value. Why waste your time here when there is so much else to do. A healthy diet should have a fair amount of liquids. I feel better when I drink more water. I am not so much into carrots, but I feel better when I do eat a banana or blueberries. I like salmon.

love to read

the gift of a book
the gift of a book
healthy and happy
healthy and happy
the good old days..
the good old days..

food for the soul

I allow myself coffee and tea some times. I still will order either Mountain Dew or Mellow Yellow at the drive through window. A bean burrito hits the spot. What about macaroni and cheese?

I want to give you a double cheese pizza with pepperoni and mushrooms and yet, how many pieces are left for me? Those savory onion rings and a fish sandwich with root beer invoke that taste, that taste of cold root beer on a hot summer afternoon.

I invoke strawberries with short cake and cream to you. Or bacon lettuce and tomato sandwiches, the incredible BLT, maybe with tomato soup. The soups of Red Lobster come to mind, the clam chowder and those cheesy bread rolls hot and delicious.

I know that a hot dog or brat from Dairy Queen tastes good. Maybe as a treat. Or a peanut buster parfait, a word I have never spelled before. And I think of a vanilla milk shake or malt even for those who are lactose intolerant. Even chocolate soy milk hits the spot.

Where am I going with this, is there no balance, no discipline? Perhaps I have become a commercial, having viewed so many. Is there humor in food? When people starve? A serious subject indeed, this culture of cat and dog food. And we love our animals. And then there are food shelves and I almost forgot about the title being healthy writing. Is a clear mind important, perhaps good rest... this tiny tip of an iceburg or is it iceberg, yeah it looks okay, and I am not going to do spell check at this time.

If you are hungry, here are some words. Life is short. Then again, such attempts at profundity usually fall flat. We are more sophisticated than that. A surgeon slices to the area he needs to repair, that old metaphor of band aids and more... and yet you hope that whoever slices you apart has the skill or desire to help you get better. Healing. Healing words. Healing words which encourage you. Healing words which encourage you to have hope. Healing words which encourage you to have hope for your future.

and my future. Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Here is a prayer I learned.

Oh Lord Jesus Christ, Lamb of God, have mercy on me a poor sinner.


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James A Watkins profile image

James A Watkins 7 years ago from Chicago

Praise be to God! I am praying a blessing on you right now.

lefseriver profile image

lefseriver 7 years ago from Northern Minnesota Author

Thanks for the blessing,

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