I wasn’t always this helplessly devoted to trapping a heart-thorn.

Hearth-thorn you say? What is a heart-thorn?

It is that one person on the earth that makes you bless life and curse the heart all at once.

It’s that person that elicits love and gives it all back yet turns away one day to never to return.

Its Shapless

It’s lightless.

But God it feels so right.

The air I breathe once your gone is so cold- like the ice from the coldest places if the earth. It’s thick with lingering emotions- so thick it chokes me.

I know that I will never see you again- because you see- your in the darkest forest of dead- brittle trees. And they are so weak- so rotted from their decay that simply a small push will move them.

But you will not try for me. You don’t care.

I am persecuted.

Stoned by my heart.

Burned by my thoughts.

And you wont fucking try.

Maybe its not your fault.

Your held by whatever bane force that dictates your mind.

The entity or entities are taking you- keeping you -my love- my hand so far from yours.

Why am I doing this? I don’t have time or the energy.

Im not worth it.

Your not worth it.

No one is worth it.

Nothing is worth it.

Its nothing but my sick little mind.

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