Heartless passions slumber

Heartless Passions Slumber

Silence between the sheets,

skin has never felt so pure,

your one of those treats,

I can never be too sure,

wrapped up together,

bodies intwine

this couldn't be better,

you'll never be mine,

take me down to the beach

where we sat and spoke

with you I lose all speach,

with you I joke,

hold my hand while we lay down,

forget the world and who we are meant to be

I don't want to drown,

but its fine while you stay next to me

just for a few hours,

it will never be more,

walking through midnight showers,

its what we have been waiting for,

I'll never give myself to you as a whole,

i'll never be that fool,

because when the sun has no control,

it could set fire to a pool,

so i'l enjoy you as you are,

just another number,

our hearts will always stay apart,

while we lay in our heartless passions slumber...


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