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I love to share my creative writing and poetry with others and am happy to have this chance to share what is in my heart. :)

True Friend

I smile now and laugh more than,

I’ve ever laughed in my recollection.

I dance now, I sing now

And now in great reflection

Had disallowed myself these things

To these in shame I bowed

From cloudy mind to crisp and clear

I now stand in this I’m now.

I hold my head up high now.

I see my self in beauty.

I look into my eyes now

And I feel a sense of duty.

Unto myself be true now,

Unto myself be wise.

Although I feel within me

This I know she cries.

The cries now lessen more and more

And the days do pass

From mournful sorrow they emerge

Like dew upon the grass

You’ve brought the poet in me out

And as time does tell

You’ve brought my joy within me out

And in my heart as well.

Kari Shinal



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cliffysmom profile image

cliffysmom 8 years ago from Michigan

Thank you for this! ...A gentle reminder to "find yourself" again. It's lovely.

Tuatha profile image

Tuatha 8 years ago from Fayetteville, NC Author

Thank you so much Holly:)

Your encoragement means alot to me. I love writing. In fact, I suppose it is my first love other than my family and those whom I consider as such. I must also thank you for introducing me to the 'Hub'. Perhaps I will find more inspiration as I flip through its 'pages'.

Many Hugs!


hollyd profile image

hollyd 8 years ago from Australia

Wonderful work Kari, I always get taken away to the special places that you take your readers to. So relaxing.



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