Don’t tug on my heartstrings if you intentions aren’t true,

I’ve really had enough of feeling lonely and blue.

Could you make it skip a beat,

So that I can hardly sit in my seat?

My pent up feelings long since felt,

Oh please could you just make my heart melt?

Did you really mean to awaken my soul?

If not it could take quite a toll.

I’ve waited through the years,

And God knows I’ve spent the tears.

Hope flies on the wings of a dove,

I’ll reward you with my undying love.


So don’t toy with my heart if you really don’t mean it…………..

©Copyright L VanHorn2010  All Rights Reserved


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SilverGenes 6 years ago

Perfect photo for a poignant poem. One always hopes for someone who understands the touch required to make a heart sing :)

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