Heaven (and tired angels)


Heaven (and tired angels) – the morning after terrorist arrests


Heaven is a room where the corners are curved

They meet in the middle and point to the floor

Butterflies glide and never flit

Hummingbirds fan the earth and feed on cactus juice

The sufferance of woman is melted and crushed and turned into honeydew

The horn of plenty is dripping from rainstorms

            Updrafts take angels in flight on high past a thousand suns

            Whose warmth is just the kiss of a mother - a light and natural thing -

And the laughter of children,

swung on playground frames,

sinks in the ears of delirious men walking in the path of light and love


Only the rubbish and cracked Victorian walls and gutters full of grass

Only the lost Somali women dragging their kids across desolate crossings

Only the endless horizon stabbed with factory chimneys could make hell descend


Only the police cordoned shops

Only the coppers in yellow jackets standing guard past the country gent in salwar kameez and white beard blown in the breeze

Only this tired drive of gleaming cars and the decrepit design of cheerless streets can make the angels weep…


Drug deals through college courtyard railings, across windows of cars on a high street

A falling man from shopping city

Was no angel

 had no wings

 met the pavement hard

Only the young men with identity fit for nothing could make them turn their eyes


Heaven is a room somewhere else where waves crash on soft sands and swamp the tired feet of angels who came and saw and left


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AuthorLMS 7 years ago

I love reading about angels, thanks for sharing

hotspur profile image

hotspur 7 years ago from England Author

Can't go wrong with angels! Thanks for your comment ;}

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