Heavenly Blessings.

Heavenly Blessings.



Like an angel she appeared

a candelabra in her hair,
I thought that I was dreaming

when I woke to find her there,

She blessed me with a sacred gift,

some parchment and a pen,
and said that I should write some poems,

but I was only ten.

Then in a flash she disappeared,

and I was left alone,
but many thoughts filled up my head,

as I wrote my first poem...
a piece I called:

"The Stone."

I grasped a

pebble in my hand,
one small piece

of a mighty land,
one small spot

where men had trod,
settled deep

in dirt and sod.

Lying there

in ages past,
no one dared

this stone to cast,
but leaving it

quite undisturbed,
in its silent resting place,
like the others of its race.

Then suddenly

there came a boy,
who took from me the stone,
and cast it far into the sea,
leaving it there to fend alone,
far away from its

treasured home....

And then he left

the sea and sun,
never realizing

what he'd done.



I never knew that angel's name,

nor why she came to me,
but this marks my four thousandth work,

since blessed with poetry.

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