Heaven's Door

Space and time can't rewind all the things we've missed.

Heaven seems so far away, doors blocking the view.

A little time spent away.. And I still come crawling back to you.

If love was made a liar, where two hearts can't be the same...

What would that make us now? Who would we blame?

Eyes set wide on fire, seems a logical point of view.

And I am running home, simply crawling back to you.

War in an essence seems so trivial, but on this battle ground we stand.

Guns on our shoulder, sand at our feet, holding hands.

If the ocean slightly shifted and the moon drifted away...

Would you be any closer, would I even want to stay?

Stars so wide across the sky, guiding my eyes through heaven's door.

Would you even want to come back if you knew what I was aiming for?

Space and time can't remind us of all the foolish things we've done.

Heaven's place is surely felt with in my bones, my heart can't deny the truth.

I simply stand, waiting here for you.

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The Stages Of ME profile image

The Stages Of ME 3 years ago

I enjoyed your poem, may you be blessed as you write :)

ii3rittles profile image

ii3rittles 3 years ago Author

Thank you :)

profile image

Elouise Lucas 2 years ago

I love your poem

ii3rittles profile image

ii3rittles 2 years ago Author

Thank you :)

profile image

Lee Cloak 22 months ago

A really good piece of poetry, great to read, voted up, thanks, Lee

ii3rittles profile image

ii3rittles 22 months ago Author

Thank you :)

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