Hell Spawn.

Mosquito bandito's

all suckling our blood,

flys with black multi-eyes

come a tainting our food,

ants in long lines

wrecking picnics sublime

long worms that squirm

slipping slickly from mud,
ticksĀ leap to stick on our

skin like a wick.
fleas hide in trees seeking

flesh to inflict
Moths eat through cloth

to destroy favorite ahirts,
slugs leaving trails of

clear slime in the dirt,
bees on a winger, must

beware of their stinger,
so many pests, grace

my hammock today,
but I'm seeking some rest,

so I slap them away,
perhaps hell's quite simply

our spirits return,
in the form of a bug,

that most living things spurn,

swatted and squashed

and then reincarnated,
in long endless cycles

of things that are hated.

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Debarshi Dutta profile image

Debarshi Dutta 6 years ago from Calcutta

Apart from the literary meaning and analogy that is exactly what hell is or has been described in Hinduism and Hindu scriptures..the insect has inferior birth and the sinful is reborn as insect.

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