Hellfire 'Darkness Falls'

intro to my first book

This is the intro to my first book. I hope you enjoy this short preview and please feel free to give feedback or ask any question about the work. 



                Nothing but stars as far as the eye could see out of the only window in the room and peaceful silence throughout. I stirred slightly from my sleep catching a glimpse of my watch, 6:25am as I turned over and thought three more hours in bed. Then smiled to myself and closed my eyes.

Just as I was drifting back into a deep sleep ‘Captain to the bridge’

I rudely awoke and sat up slightly. Again the tannoy went ‘I repeat Captain to the bridge’ I leant over rubbing my hand across the wall trying to find the tannoy reply button. ‘Captain to the br’ as I pressed the button it cut off the announcement and I replied ‘What’s the problem’

The deep voice of my first officer replied ‘Sorry to wake you captain, but we have picked up an S.O.S signal’

There was a pause as I sat up and put my feet on the cold steel floor, sighed to myself and replied ‘I’m on my way’

I stood up saying ‘Computer lights’

Suddenly the room lit up as I rubbed my eyes while they tried to adjust to the bright lighting. Still thinking to myself, my first morning in ten day off.

I pulled open the top draw in the cupboard next to my bed and got dressed, I moved over to the food dispenser while my eyes were still trying to adjust to the harsh lighting.

I pressed the voice activation switch and said ‘One large coffee, Hot, strong and with milk’ Tying my hair back into a pony tail while I was waiting, and after a few moments my coffee appeared.  

I picked up the coffee taking a sip as I made my way up to the bridge.

Idea for book cover


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