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The Hellfire

My ship the Hellfire.
My ship the Hellfire.

Back of book

Here is a little more info on my first book. This is an idea for the back of the book. it gives you more of an idea about what the book is about. Feel free to read this preview.

The truth is stranger than fiction, that’s what people say and some people have told me I’m crazy to write this book in this time period. But I remember this day, and the series of events that followed.

I am Captain of the Hellfire and this is my story, not its start but the day that everything changed. What started out as a distress call nearly ended my life and with the discovery of an ancient darkness, which has been waiting, watching and growing stronger. Now its shroud has begun to fall on the universe.

The question is can it be stopped? And at what cost to my crew and ship.

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