Her Achilles

The walls were strong.She had been mindful and vigilant for so long, and with her Achilles locked away the weakness was powerless to hurt or betray. And though it kept her alone in her bed - heart undernourished and soul underfed, it was comforting to be in control. Purging intimacy from her soul And then he came along He looked at the walls and saw they were strong. Then he looked at her, a little amused. She looked back at him. Dazed and confused. And then he smiled effortlessly through her denial No! This is wrong! Screamed a voice. But the voice took too long... and then she was smiling too as the thrill of his gaze burnt it's way through. Head slightly bowed. she unbuttoned her heart. It opened. And fell gently apart. Feeling his stare intensify, she looked up slowly - self-conscious and shy. And mesmerized by the wonder in his eyes at her soul laid bare. She let him look. She didn't care. Giddy with forgotten joy. she handed him the power to destroy. He was gentle at first - and let their souls immerse. God to his willing Goddess. His worship making her darkly confess. Blindly in love and eager to please, she un-locked her Achilles... For that he adored her. Worshipped her more. Making her feel she was safe and secure. Then one day he lowered to kneel and shot his arrow into her Achilles heel Pain burned through her. Hot and intense. As she stumbled away from his cruel pretence. And when she fell it was with an open heart, her soul in shreds and torn apart. She collected the pieces with dignity and grace, and put them back in the deepest place. Never again would the weakness betray, as she locked her Achilles forever away.

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Pearldiver profile image

Pearldiver 3 years ago from Tomorrow - In Words & NZ Time.

You are allowed to be happy... there is a spectrum of colored layers within the art of finding the level of happiness that best suits each of us seeking those things that we deny ourselves access to, for whatever reason we allow to influence us from reaching. I hope that your subject does not deny herself access to true happiness as a result of a man's inability to commit to the deeper needs of a woman. Many men are incapable of finding and sharing happiness... thankfully, others find and share true happiness in understanding those deeper needs... Never give up... real hearts are not so rare and the art of finding the right color of true happiness, is not so difficult for open souls... take care.. thank you for sharing your heartfelt words... PD

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