Heraldic Sun

Not aware of my presence

or what I attend to do

It stands there gracefully and proud

as if he knew of his beauty

His antlers are fully grown

like leafless autumn trees

and its skin a precious velvet

made of gourmet chocolate

his hooves are embedded with fondness

for he leaves soft prints of broken hearts on the soil

He is observing the area and his mirror eyes reflected the meadow

He is virile

surprisingly great stature

and stood as still as a trophy

I picture his taxidermy mount high on my wall

to be looked upon for years to come

so that maybe I can acknowledge my accomplishments.

I slowly draw my rifle from my shoulder

and release the safety.

I look through the scope

and place the buck between the cross hairs.

I inhale a deep breath,

exhale half,

then hold.

with my finger on the trigger,

I am ready to fire.

I took my last look into his black obsidian eyes,

and he turns away to look back into his forest.

Then, out of the haven, the serenity of a doe

joins her mate

still timid she stops halfway

and an innocent fawn swiftly follows

I had to refocus on my target

but at that moment the bucks head turned into a heraldic sun

and his antlers spread like sun rays that pierced my soul.

Through the scope, the blinding light changes the scenery

to my wife gently pushing my beautiful son on our backyard swing set.

Overwhelmed with sunshine,

I release my finger from the trigger.



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