Here I am Again

raindrops on the heart
raindrops on the heart


The rain is falling again.

And the excitement run into my veins.

The memory of you remains.

I don't know how will it ever end.

Feeling like a fool.

'Coz I don't find it cool.

My heart is screaming inside.

But I just cried...

Hearing now all the raindrops.

I want to keep it and put in in a box.

Hoping I could keep it forever

'Coz I don't want to remember.

That every time the rain falls.

It's you I can never ignore.

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My Stories profile image

My Stories 5 years ago

Nice poem. I look forward to reading more of your work.

Zayleen Pain profile image

Zayleen Pain 5 years ago from lost in my own minds lines

Nice peice. Will be reading more..

fiveup profile image

fiveup 5 years ago Author

thank you! My stories and Zayleen Pain

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