Here's Leo 8

Cartoon by Rick Zimmerman
Cartoon by Rick Zimmerman

I mean it. The stuff he pulls just slays me!

I guess it’s not hard to understand, really. After all, the guy’s a lot like a cat. That orange hair, for instance — where did that come from, if not from some feline not too many generations ago?

And what a physique. Tall. Gangly. Goofy. Big-footed. Spastic. Weird. Mr. O’Brien sure looks like he was assembled by that same wiseacre that created cats. And he’s got all those distinctive kittykat moves, too: the funky walk, the backwards twist, the straight-up launch, the what-the-heck-did-you-just-say? stare.

Not to mention he’s on his 3rd or 4th life in late night.

Yep. I’m sure he’s related to my species not too far back down the line. No wonder I can relate.

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