Here's To A Brighter Financial Future

Pic taken by me.
Pic taken by me.

Before when I was married my husband handled all the finances, saying I was incapable of handling them myself. Well, today I wish to discuss with you the importance of setting a budget, adhering to that budget, and keeping your checkbook in the black.

First, I think it’s best to use me as an example. Here let me draw up my banking account….In the meantime, while I do that I will tell you about a phone call I received the other day from my ex. My ex called just to chat and see how things were going. He asked, “Hey, whatever did you do with the money you stole from me in divorce?” First I would like to clarify I did not steal anything, I worked in our marriage too and the court split it as it should have been split. So, I told him, “I invested it in stock. Unfortunately the stock market fell two days later?” The phone went to a dead silence when I heard my ex ask, “So, what did you do?” That is when I said, “I did the smart thing, I cashed out losing 50 thousand, but hey at least I got 20 out of it, I could have lost it all!” That is when I heard the phone drop. Oh what the hey, I really hung on to the stock. I mean, I knew it was bound to come back up but if you can’t torture your ex than who can you torture?

Ok, back to my checking account…What the heck, I had 50 bucks in there yesterday! What’s this $35 dollar insufficient fee crap? Wait; is it Wiseway Grocery Mart or Walgreens that takes three days for a check to clear? Evidently it’s Wiseway. Not to worry though, for I have direct deposit from work and by Friday I will be back in the black again, see how that works. Now, let’s go on to the budget…

One thing I have learned about working with a budget, you have to be organized. For instance, do you make out a grocery list prior to going to the store? Well, I don’t and because I didn’t I ended up going to the grocery store 3 times. Next thing I know I needed gas, which in turn took away from my grocery money, therefore I ended up having to go for the cheaper toilet paper rather than Charmin. What’s up with the cheaper toilet paper too? I mean you can go through a 4 pack in 2 days, unless you’re one of those that count the squares. Unfortunately, I’m more the “get the plunger” type. Ok, so the lesson to be learned is: Make a grocery list, and then you can buy Charmin.

Next, I have seen how the budget conscience families organize their bills. Their bills are kept in divider files with tabs that say Utilities, Phone, Mortgage etc. and there is also a big glass jug labeled “Vacation” that sits off to the side for all the loose pocket change. I say do what I do, throw all your loose change in the bottom of your purse and when your purse weighs about 50 lbs walk into the bank and empty it, you know think green. As for my bills, I throw them away and wait for the disconnection notice; I mean that’s the one that really counts right? Why hang on to all that loose paper, it only makes for a fire hazard and as for any late fees shoot you break even upon receipt of the second bill in paper alone.

Hopefully, these helpful hints will guide you to a brighter financial future, and if anyone ever tells you that you are incapable of handling the finances don’t listen to them they're just jealous.




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Living-n-Grace profile image

Living-n-Grace 5 years ago from Virginia, USA

not in the least what i expected. i almost didn't read it because i am SICK of financial advice ... so thanks for this ... nice to hear someone else shares my philosophy! keep dishing it out ... the world needs to hear these words!!

smarty2pop profile image

smarty2pop 5 years ago Author

Thank you Living. I too have had my share of the financials, thus the hub. I thought if I can poke some fun at it people might relax a bit and just enjoy life. Sure it is nice to save, and there are plenty of theories out there in how to do it, but sometimes you just have to do what is best for you. So rather than live a stressed out life, because bills aren't getting paid, understand everyone is facing the same dilemma thus all the financial advise. My theory is do the best you can, not more can be exspected.

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