Hijab and Muslim Unity

Hijab and Muslim Unity

This article is taken from my book ‘Shia Culture’. It is a 465 pages book. The book is ready for publication and a publisher is requested to read this article and facilitate publication of the book.

The words of Aayet 7:33 of the Holy Quran are:

"Say, my Lord forbade only indecencies such of them as are apparent and such as are within, and sin and wrongful oppression, and that ye associate any one with Allah for which no warrant hath been revealed, and ye tell concerning Allah that which ye know not.”

The Almighty Allah forbids idecency, not right to live gracefully. The exuberance of indulgence in excessive Pardah is not a service to Islam or to the self. The excessive display of chastity is violating the laws in the adherence to chastity. There is no requirement to the fasionable Hijabs in the realm of Islam. But only the necessary coverage of the spots of beauty God adorned the woman with, to cease lust get unleashed in men of variance.God says in Aayet 24:31:

“And say to the believing woman they keep their eyes low and guard their private parts of their body and they should not reveal their self on to others beautifying them, save that which reveals it naturally, and they should put their stoles on their breasts and display their beautifying of self to no one except to their husbands, their fathers, their husbands father, their sons, their husbands sons, their brothers, or their brothers sons, or their sisters sons, or their women, or the slaves whom their right hand possesses, or male servants free of physical needs, or small children who have no sense of the shame of the sex; and that they should not strike their feet in order to draw attention to their hidden ornaments. And O ye believers! Turn you all to God that ye may attain bliss.”

This Aayet is self revealing and never encourages a modern Hijab of silk or of embriodary. This is segregation and deprivation of self from taking part fully in the normal activity of the world. And those prone to it are only to draw inspiration from Hijab in so far as the Aayet says and equip them with the essence of its teaching and do not show their embellishments and facial decorations and keep their eyes low. And if anyone of them who had her nose upturned to add further beauty to it or one who had her face done up through the precision of the surgeons knife in surgery for enhancing it in beauty, then they cover it as commanded in the Aayet of Pardah and not show it. Otherwise they could show their eyes, lips, nose, ears and face, no matter how beautiful God had made them.

The common culture of the Shias and the Sunnis is that our girls hide locks of their hair and consider it fashion. Our Muslim women are far behind the vigorous Russian women who are taught to know three foreign languages in the school, culinary, horse riding and gymnastic activity to be certified of fitness. And Russia is daily growing. And the Muslims in all events must embark on the intellectual journey. They must weigh facts, separating from those appearing as facts and rear the mind of their young.

The lap of the mother is the ‘former’ of the character of the child. So let the Muslim girls who are the future mothers for uniformity in all the Muslims be taught to learn modern formative skills which may produce minds of the Muslim children through which Shia and Sunni children may become Muslims of one voice. The young Muslim of any sect is the sturdy pony of Islam on which the load of the responsibility of civility and ethical discharge of behaviour, detached from the Taliban cult of dominating others can be placed with confidence, to shoulder the responsibility of representing Islam in its true perspective. Let differences between the Shias and the Sunnis be erased and each cultivated to lead ultimately to bring Muslim unity. And let Taliban behave like a true Sunni to be acceptable to the Shias.

God also said in Aayet 10:47 in the Holy Quran:

And to each nation there is a Rasool a Messenger. Then when their Messenger will come (to My presence) then justice will be given to them fairly and not in the least any wrong will be done with them.

None of these Rasools God sent have said to their wards that their women cover them with a Hijab, which is extraneous to all teachings save the preservation of chastity and the display of modesty. The Hijab is discrematory, it’s shunning parlance in equality of women with women. The modernist Shia ladies wrap their heads and cover their ears and neck with a fasionable scarf whereas God in His edicts and revelations says to women to cover only their parts attracting attention. And the requirement is they remain in Pardah but not lose the sight of naturalness. The Irani official woman representative when she was visiting Pakistan, she was wearing a Chadar a course sheet of cloth over her self and she modestly conveyed the essence of womanhood to the Pakistanis. There is no roll model for the Muslim women to follow in dress display of modesty save coming from Iran.

The responsibility falls greater on the ladies to keep the society under restrain and from entering in orgy and restrain men whose nature is to exploit their female partners in the world society. So in that the women will hold the cane in hand and it will land on the palm of the men, sriking with a measured intensity to awaken men of their responsibility.

The Aayet issuing edict to the women of Islam to cover them decently and codifying the dress of the Muslim ladies is given in Aayet 33:59 and God could not be more liberal and lenient than to suggest put your outergarment on you when you go out. So what is bothering the ladies that they are putting on excessive Hijab? God says in Aayet 33:59;

“O Prophet! Tell your wives and daughters, and the believing women that they should cast their outer garments over their persons (when abroad): that is most convenient. And God is oft forgiving, most merciful.”


Sayed Athar Husain

Afkar-e Shia (Shia Thought)



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Nikki Major profile image

Nikki Major 4 years ago


SayedAthar Husain profile image

SayedAthar Husain 4 years ago from London Author

Thank you Nikki Major

Fatima Syed 4 years ago


I didnt get your point .. didnt understand totally baffled ..what I have been learning from my parents since childhood .. we are the one who have to respect our Dearest Bibi S.A. 's pardha Her S.A. 's chadar which was snatched by yazidi lashkar in Karbala.. how are we supposed to do that?

If todays women feel that they can cover their head with colourful scarfs then how its not right in the path of Islam.

I need to know more about this..

I am gratefull to you for posting this topic here cause I will be able to know now what is right .

Fatima Syed from Khi.

Fatima Syed 4 years ago

Respected Sir Salaam

I have been waiting for your prompt reply from almost a month but didnt get any.

I wish you could do so as early as possible. I really hope you are keeping well.

SayedAthar Husain profile image

SayedAthar Husain 4 years ago from London Author

Fatima Bibi,

My intention is to advise the women of Islam to live in Pardah as encouraged and advised in Islamic Shariah. As far as I can see the Pardah is taken too far and the spirit behind it is ignored. There is no need of a designed Hijab. A cotton scarf to hide hair is enough, not the entire round face.

The need is to wear loose clothes, not gent fashion jeans which is worn under the Hijab with a tight shirt, by the young modern girls.

Bibi Fatimah (sa) went to tend the wound of her father in the battlefield, this was work related outing. Yet she did Pardah from a blind to show of its importance. But our girls did not realise she did not wear Hijab in the modern sense. She worked all the time like an ordinary housewife and this would mean she would not be in Hijab during these spell of work.

Let Pardah not be an inhibitor and in the way of normal activity. Let it be suited to work, only the dress has to be from top to bottom complying with the Islamic tradition.

Best wishes.

M.H. Naqvi 4 years ago

Dear author good day!

I have this feeling after reading your above article that there is something missing ,as I am unable to conclude whatever effort you have put in this article to make muslim women understand the importance of hijab is in favour of covering their heads or is against it.

Is this article discouraging the muslim women to cover their head while they are at work as it can cause hinderance in their respective job.

" This is segregation and deprivation of self from taking part fully in the normal activity of the world. " this line taken from the above article is so irony.. that it shatters the confidence of working women who would want to cover their head while at work.


SayedAthar Husain profile image

SayedAthar Husain 4 years ago from London Author

I am truly speaking against a formalised cast Hijab, though it may be of silk and fancy design but it is at the cost of the co-worker woman. The Muslim woman should cover herself admirably but not with fashion Hijab. A symbolic scarf is good enough. Because I do not find Hijab was introduced as a Islamic necessity. It is only a distinction created by our elite woman.

M.H. Naqvi 4 years ago

Respected Author ,good day

I will contradict with you here, when you say Hijab is not an Islamic necessity??

why because Quran has not said anything about it ,as Quran has not teached us how to offer prayer it has only said " ke namaz qaim karo" but have not taught how to do it ..

do we not know that our Beloved Prophet PBUH 's daughter and granddaughter used to cover Their (SA) head .. and how can you ignore here the biggest incidence of Karbala maula.. which explains the importance of so many thing and along with that the importance of hijab for a Noble Muslim Women and also for Men did not our beloved IMAM A.S. cried for His Sister's Hijab also did not Hazrat Imam Zain-ul-Abideen A.S. cried for His Phoopo(aunt) ,Mother and Sister's S.A. Hijab all His A.S. life .. I am surprised that you have ignored all those facts that prove Hijab to be part of muslim women

Have you ever been to IRAn,Iraq or Sham (ziyarat) .. there you can see the beauty of hijab sir..

Hijab is the beauty of Muslim women ,it identifies them as one .. the unity you are talking about.. you as in your age could use powerfull words to explain and enhance the beauty of hijab and make women know its no hinderance at all.

Do not people implicate fashion in their everyday life .. everything is fashion sir from the basic necessities to luxury .. take cell phone, iphone 5 is in fashion hence we should avoid it?? already 5 million have been sold out .. then why fashion boundries for hijab?? why not muslim women are allowed to live accordingly to the present fashion trend while they can use Hijab.. when the world is running after fashion trends every day then why showing displeasure for hijab fashion.. why sir ?? whats the point in raising your voice and pen against hijab being used with fashion ?? what is the issue????

Muslim women should cover their head in front of "Na mehram", and here I am not speaking about strict pardah/hijab ,that is what we have been taught all our life from our scholars ,grandparents and parents .

Its a request, hijab is no joke so please do not spread wrong words

about its dignity and grace.


SayedAthar Husain profile image

SayedAthar Husain 4 years ago from London Author

We weep about the shroud of Bibi Zaibnab (sa) and of the ladies of the House of the Imam which were snatched away to humiliate them to say they were not noble - only prisoners and as such not eligible to wear them. This makes us cry. The shroud was not Hijab but stole.

When Janab Fatimah ran towards the battlefield of Uhad to see her father (S), who was injured, it can be imagined she had no Hijab, round her face and she (sa) was pragmatic. I am saying and want our ladies to be practical in life and not leave behind Christian and Jewish women as inferior class. I am against it. The chastity of our ladies will not be diminished if they will not use tight and wrapped round Hijab, round their face and look natural.

The intention of Islam has to be followed, not personal fancies if it is discriminatory. So many countries are against Hijab, and it is creating a cultural clash. The western dress is worn underneath and a fashioned Hijab over it, which is a fallacious tie up. So we are belligerent in wearing it. It does not solve the Muslim problem but creates it.

SayedAthar Husain profile image

SayedAthar Husain 4 years ago from London Author

The Hijab verses Bibi Fatimah .

Dear Reader,

I have seen your latest comment. I am sorry you are so perturbed. The fact is we have made our world of Islam and Shiaism very much to interpret our fancy. We read of the attendance of Bibi Fatimah in the wedding of a Yahoodi family. Then Janab Fatimah was in the Hajj performance with Hazrat Rasool-e Khuda, and Hazrat Ali joined her returning from Yemen. And these events do speak of Bibi Fatimah coming out of the four walls of the house.

We are being ruled more by emotions than practical notions. The Hijab in present form is segregation. It might give Muslim woman more confidence, operating from behind the wall of the Hijab, but it is unfair and discriminatory when the Islamic requirement of Pardah is bit lenient to it. The purpose of gaining confidence can be achieved through not making one conspicuous.

My article with compromised expression was to avoid looking aggressive, but I certainly have feeling for western woman of equal chaste, who are without Hijab and are feeling left out by Hijab wearing woman, when Hijab in form as worn is not an Islamic bind. The woman has to cover herself up with loose clothes and with a form of veil, which is Islamic practice. I think we have gone over this issue sufficiently. Thanks for your views.

Best wishes.


M.H. Naqvi 4 years ago

Good day Sir,

I beg your pardon but you totally misunderstood me..

perturbed ?? well I had nothing to comment on this .. just wana say I am only 30 yrs old but I have achieved a lot thanks to only Almighty Lord.

we people of present world are far and very far from what actuall Islam is .. we accept only those things which fall into our modern culture very well and reject those which bound us or bother us by any means. No one is a perfect muslim nor we try to practice Islam as itt has to be but I guess that should be only between Allah SWT and the individual nobody should interfere.

I am not here to argue about anything because every one has their own fatih and understanding and so far I failed to make you understand my perspective about hijab and modern society , I never had any insulting intentions to any chaste or women without pardha.

I do agree about what ever you wrote about Hazrat Bibi Fathima S.A.

but this is also true that no one ever could see her except her immediate family ,period. Kindly believe me and try to absorb this because these are holy things everyone has not been bestowed with the power of spirtualism and common man are unable to understnad it.

At the end I would like to apologise you for anything I wrote made you feel insulted , I did not want to upset you.

I wrote you because you are trying to work on social grounds ,you have written a book and many people out their may object on your thoughts about hijab ,you could have explained further .

I do not care much about western culture and people despite being living here for so long( i guess it sounds weird but our destinies have already been written) and it always makes me glad that people around me want to know more about my religion ,I know what is right for me and I have to return to my Almighty Lord Allah ,I would rather care to please Him SWT by all means and His SWT 's beloved ..Chaharda Masoomin A.S.

I read this line in a Novel and loved it and would like to quote here ..

" Wajood (world and people) ki chah tu saab kertey hain tu Zaat(Allah) ki chah ker Zaat ki..."

"Aab mujhe Zaat (Allah) ki chah hai tu mujhe Zaat kiun nahi milti...."

every one cannot find HIM swt .. Allah swt srif uin ko miltey hai jis ko khud Allah swt ne muntakhib(select) kia hota hai.

I hope I still do not sound perturbed.. :)

Good luck with all your endeavours ,hope your book brings great success to you.

May Allah swt bless you with happiness and bounties of life.


your well wisher

SayedAthar Husain profile image

SayedAthar Husain 4 years ago from London Author

Thanks, God bless you.

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