Hinder me


Train of thought.

Don't hinder me with you rigid declaration of freedom

And rights

Strait and narrow the path you push me to find

Searching for light so I can see

Falling forward into reverse sliding in between love and hate, misfortune and luck

Deal me the next card a different kind of fate

My same identification with a different name

Hold me tightly now, too mold me into what I'm supposed to be

Bend me, fix me, glue me, screw me, and hold me into place

Forgive me now so you can find me

Search for me where I've been so you can lead me out of myself and into you..........

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Moulik Mistry profile image

Moulik Mistry 6 years ago from Burdwan, West Bengal, India

Another good one from you, loved your poetics...

SummerSteward profile image

SummerSteward 6 years ago from Duluth MN

Very nice!

Sunshiney31 profile image

Sunshiney31 6 years ago Author


profile image

cosette 6 years ago

very nice, and i like the image you included in the hub. i am not courageous enough to write poetry, so kudos to you. rating this UP...it definitely doesn't belong with a 49 beside it.

MordechaiZoltan profile image

MordechaiZoltan 6 years ago

nice poem!

TrixieGator profile image

TrixieGator 6 years ago

i reallyyy like this ..

Sunshiney31 profile image

Sunshiney31 6 years ago Author

Thank you for the compliments.....

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