History Forgets Kindness

I can care for as long as the moment lasts
But then it fades like low lying morning clouds
There is an exhaustion in total commitment
That cloaks emotion in layers of shrouds

I wonder if God has the same attention span as I do
There was a burst of creativity
With swirling seas and gases
And streaks of light with no apparent source or longevity

There was a soul to be planted but first there was to be dark matter
He had no reference except his own vision
Silently or not the canvas was splashed with layer upon layer
Until what remained was our eventual prison

And now we seek a personal relationship with the unseen
The randomness of life pervades our every decision
We ask for a blessing even as we know our unworthiness
But in silence he watches as we reconcile a prayer to an outcome

History does not record instances of random kindness to a stranger
Everything we know of others is from a speech or an accomplishment
Though God taught man to be forgiving and to love our neighbor
The good among us live in anonymity and without public acknowledgement

Can truth survive when cloaked in pleasantries and a soft heart?
Must comfort live for itself allowing another man to settle for less?
Understanding is reserved only for those of similar disposition
While contrasting circumstance gives way to acts we later confess

Was the world created for our inspiration or for our shelter?
For God gave both beauty and nourishment in the same seed
But did he do it for the glory of man or for the glory of himself?
And do the creations of man serve his own ego or his own need?

A crowd of happy people or rustling leaves speak for themselves
To describe them to you would not bring you the intimacy of the moment
But to tell you how it made me feel can bring you closer to me
And once you understand what I felt then our bond becomes permanent

Describing the evolution of man can be done on a thousand pages
Or maybe just in the lifetime of a kind woman
She was born as a selfish baby who only thought about need
But passed known only by strangers and a grateful husband

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A Driveby Quipper profile image

A Driveby Quipper 3 years ago

Wow! Will you wrote my eulogy?

The Suburban Poet profile image

The Suburban Poet 3 years ago from Austin, Texas Author

Ha ha... man that is the most interesting request I've ever received...you got a long time to live man... but that would be an honor....

A Driveby Quipper profile image

A Driveby Quipper 3 years ago

Hey, I could write it myself, but I want it to have flair!

The Suburban Poet profile image

The Suburban Poet 3 years ago from Austin, Texas Author

Yes and it is better to be praised by another instead of by yourself....

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