Hitchhiking A Ride To Paradise.

Hitchhiking A Ride To Paradise.

My oasis is a palette,
into which I

stick out my thumb,
and get carried

away across the

canvas of possibilities.
Soft strokes

of brilliant colors,
like a lover's fingers
paint beauty and leave
a puddle drying

on a white square.

I can create

new worlds
in a single stroke
or assemble a still life
that moves souls.

There is only one

palm on my oasis,
it lies shaded

underneath the palette,
balancing pigments

of imagination.

I become

marooned there
feasting on the

fruits of my labor,
and sipping cool water
from a bottle nearby.

When I leave

my palette,
I leave a memory,
drying in the

oils of passion.

People pay

me to own
a piece of my oasis,
but the true

paradise lies
in the place where
the magic is rendered.


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seasoning 7 years ago

breath takingly beautiful, lovely picture also. I am having a feast of wonderful work this morning long may it last

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