Hold me close my zombie dancer...

Dead or alive...you're dancing with me.

Last night while I laid in bed a blinking of great white eyes arose from the corner of my room like a set of wilted balloons. They fluttered about whilst I reached for my trusty dancing shoes. The sparkly red and silver kicks shined bright into the eyes of this creature and at that moment he knew it was on. Michael Jackson's Thriller suddenly started to play in the background. His eyes widened and his head jerked to a tilt and then back again. My shoulders went stiff. My arms fell down straight. And so it began. A lone wolf howled in the distance. Bodies began to clammer out of their graves. I now realize that I am in the damn Thriller video. Suppressed angst to dance my ass off spilled out of me in way of awesomeness. This is a dance off! As soon as I even start to twitch my little jazz hands it goes dark. WTF?!?! I can't even dance in my dreams.

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defiantrobots profile image

defiantrobots 24 months ago from Florida

This is awesome, I wish I could remember my dreams as clearly as you do!

mikielikie profile image

mikielikie 24 months ago from Texas Author

Thank you defiantrobots. I enjoyed reading your works as well.

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